A trip to build a dream on...Naot Style.

A trip to build a dream on...Naot Style.

I know...I changed the lyrics a bit, but the message still stands true.  Trips are often dreams of travel realized, and it's our mission to make sure that you are the most comfortable that you can be because, let's get real....when your feet hurt, it's hard to concentrate or think about anything else, yet less the beautiful scenery and the people you're with.  Just think of the Snickers commercial but with your feet!

If you're going to Europe or some other destination that requires tons of walking but a tiny suitcase, all you need is two pairs of Naot and you'll be set!  No break in time.  Instantly comfortable, supportive and stylish.  Many of them are orthotic friendly if you have a need for those types of things.

Here are some styles that are most commonly bought and rebought and rebought and rebought....(I sound like a robot!):

For summer travel:

#1:  The Kayla.  

She comes in many, many colors, but the best, in my opinion, is the metal leather.  It goes with literally anything and can be dressed up in a pinch as long as you're not going to a cocktail party!  The sandal is great for plantar fasciitis because it has an ever so slight heel lift, metatarsal support, arch support, AND a perfect little spot for your bunion to go in if you have those.

#2:  The Dorith

For those of you who hate the chunky look, the Dorith is the way to go.  She's strappy, cute, and easy to wear with anything.  The Dorith also boasts the same comfort features as the Kayla.  Pictured in black, but the Silver Threads would be my go-to choice for a vacation.

#3: The Kirei

I'm going to step on my soap box for just one moment, and then I promise I'll come down...  When you are traveling, you WILL LOVE yourself for taking this Mary Jane instead of a pair of flats.  Aside from the fact that this is my all-time favorite shoe, the reason that this kind of shoe is so important on those 15 mile-a-day days is because of that strap.  That strap will save your feet from getting tired. That strap will save you from getting blisters on your first day of touring.  That strap will be a preventable measure to not hobble to the bathroom the next morning.

The Kirei can easily go from day to night.  I wore it every day in college and all over China and France.  It has a lovely toe box.  Padding to die for.  Arch support. Metatarsal support.  What more could a girl ask for?  And don't say a flat without a strap because one this comfortable does not exist, I can promise you that!  Just come and try one on and you'll fall in love!

#4: The Arataki

I repeat everything from the Kirei for the Arataki.  I will say, if you have a bunion...go for the Grey Shimmer.  It's noticeably softer leather on the top and will not irritate them or hammer toes.  The navy is a very good Navy.  This is a great option for someone who wants a sandal but hates their toes, AND it's just cute! Great transitional shoe.  Almost year-round here in Nashville!

There are so many more styles that are just as wonderful, but it's a blog and not a Naot novel!  Stop on by the store and we will let you try on as many as you'd like.  They fit all kinds of feet and help with all kinds of feet issues!  The Fall line up is just crazy awesome, and I can't wait to share them with you!

Thank you for reading!

To see other Naots we have, click to view Our Naot Stock!  More will be added as the Fall arrivals come in.