Retail Therapy 101

Good morning K-Mart shoppers!  Today's blue light special can be found in the shoe department and will begin in....

Did that take you back?  Remember the days of lazy shopping just because I can.  Shopping just because it's my day off and I might find the perfect something that I didn't know I wanted?  Remember the element of surprise cause it fit just perfect?  Or it was on sale and you could not pass it up?  Remember how it felt when you put it on and it was not scratchy, in fact:  it felt better than butter?  

Boutiques like ours are open in 2019 because people need people.  We need each other to play with and bring community.  We bounce ideas off other customers.  We will introduce you to new people and shop together.  I recently visited Boston and went to both of the "Cheers" bars and was reminded why people say our shop is like "Cheers".   Nashville is a small town, you may find an old friend here, or make a new one.

People of all ages are moving here, it's exciting.  We hope to meet more of you if you are new to town.  We hope to meet  more Nashvillians that just want to come enjoy the joy of shopping again.  

Our online store is open, but we would really rather help you in person, so come on in!